5 Tips for Surviving Summer School

5 Tips for Surviving Summer School

June 24, 2014

5 Tips for Surviving Summer School

So several months ago, you decided to spend your summer catching up on credit hours or getting some courses out of the way before next semester. But you’ve just realized that your brain is still a little fried from finals and your college town is so dead that you wouldn’t be surprised if a tumbleweed rolled down the road.

Here are some tips for getting through your classes and surviving in a quiet college town.

1. Stay motivated. It’s hard to get back in the swing of things when your body and mind are aching for a break. Summer classes can range from being several times a week to every day for several hours. Although you may be tempted to zone out during those long lectures, think about the pay-off of boosting your GPA in just four to eight weeks.

2. Set goals. Look at your syllabi and set a schedule. Missing assignments in summer school hurts more than it does during the semester. You do not want to get behind in a four-week course. Make a list of what you need to get done in a separate Roaring Spring notebook and prioritize it by day. Account for your part-time job or other commitments, but make your class (or classes) your highest priority like you do during the semester.

3. Branch out. The population of your college town will be four times smaller than it is during the semester. A lot of your friends probably went home for the summer, and the friends that are in town will be on their own schedules, just like you. Take advantage of the lower population and check out some downtown hotspots that you haven’t visited. Don’t haunt the places you always go to. You might make some new friends. Also don’t be afraid to try to make friends in your classes, after all, everyone is in the same boat.

4. Find a hobby. Learn something new. It doesn’t need to be added to your resume either. In addition to courses, colleges often offer summer workout classes and art classes. But if you want to add something to your resume, learn skills that are relevant to the field you plan on going into and get ahead.

5. Spend time outside! It still is summer after all. Work on your tan, go on a walk, play volleyball with friends and of course, go swimming. But make sure to wear sunscreen!

Here’s to acing those summer courses while still making the most out of your summer break!

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