Environmentally Friendly Goal

Environmentally Friendly Goal

January 14, 2014

How does Roaring Spring Paper Products maintain an environmentally friendly image while being a company that makes paper notebooks?

There is this great myth that paper is this environmentally terrible thing. But the truth is, it’s not.

At least at Roaring Spring Paper Products, we only buy paper from companies who are extremely environmentally conscious. The companies we buy from plant more trees than they harvest and are very conscious of the environment. In addition, they clean up after themselves and they don’t pollute their surrounding communities.

Here at Roaring Spring Paper Products, we feel that it is our mission to leave the earth in a better state than we found it. For this reason, we make it a top priority to consider the environment with every decision we make.

What additional efforts does Roaring Spring Paper Products take to be environmentally friendly?

  • Roaring Spring Paper Products uses various sustainable papers in our products.
    • A lot of our papers contain post-consumer content. Post-consumer content is material that has been garnered from the waste stream. Rather than have that material go into a landfill, we are able to use the material in our products.
    • Here at Roaring Spring Paper Products, we also use post-agricultural content in our products. Post-agricultural content is waste from wheat or sugarcane plants. Instead of burning this waste or dumping it in a landfill, it can be used in paper. We use this paper in our products.
  • Roaring Spring Paper Products maintains an environmentally safe workplace.
    • In our plant operations, recycling is a key initiative. Our scrap material is loaded into an onsite energy cube machine that converts the paper scrap into small energy cubes. These small cubes of paper can be burned as a substitute for coal and have less pollutants than coal. They are also less expensive than coal, making it the better choice both environmentally and economically. We then sell the energy cubes to other companies to use as a substitute for coal.
  • Roaring Spring Paper Products tries to use as many environmentally friendly papers as we can.
    • Roaring Spring Paper Products has a number of environmentally friendly paper product lines including recycled papers, sugarcane fiber paper and poo paper.

So why is being environmentally important to us? The answer is plain and simple. We all live on this planet and we at Roaring Spring Paper Products feel that it is our mission to not pollute our community.


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