Places to Visit While Studying Abroad in Europe

Places to Visit While Studying Abroad in Europe

July 16, 2014

Studying abroad in Europe this summer? Here’s your big opportunity to see as much of the continent as you can. We’ve put together a list of seven impressive cities you’ll want to explore.

1. Prague

Well, someone had to rival the Eiffel Tower. Although the Petrin Tower itself is not as tall as its French rival, the hill and the tower combined match its height. It’s the best place to get a view of the entire, sprawling city of Prague. Tour the massive medieval Prague Castle, and while you’re there, make sure to pick up some sweet bread (we promise you won’t be disappointed). Spend an early morning watching the sunrise on the famous Charles Bridge. Another tip to keep in mind?  If you’re not trying all of the delicious street food in Wenceslas Square, you’re not doing Prague right.

Must-see attractions: Petrin Tower, Astronomical Clock, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square

2. Budapest

Budapest is home to Hungarian goulash, a fairy-tale castle that Cinderella would be envious of and Turkish bathhouses. While Budapest might not be the most obvious destination in Europe, it’s well worth the trip. Be sure to visit the House of Terror, a memorial museum for the Hungarian people who survived two terrorist regimes. And if you’re trekking to Buda Castle after, be ready for the hike. Keep in mind that you can reward yourself with a Turkish mineral bath later! What other city can you walk across the Danube River on the Chain Bridge from the western bank of Buda to the eastern bank of Pest?

Must-see attractions: Heroes’ Square, Buda Castle Hill, The Chain Bridge, House of Terror and Széchenyi Baths

3. London

Get in the Charles Dickens or Harry Potter state of mind and visit London. It’s known for its fogginess but also for its historical sites and distinct culture. Drink some tea, eat some fish ‘n’ chips and take the Underground (translation: subway) to see this historic city. Be sure to experience the Globe Theatre, the place where Shakespeare’s famous plays originated more than 500 years ago. If you fancy a show, check out the West End, the largest theatre district next to Broadway. And be sure to pack your umbrella!

Must-see attractions: British Museum, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar’s Square, The Tower of London and the Camden market

4. Dublin

Visit the historic capital of Ireland and learn that to the city than St. Patrick’s Day. Get lost in the picturesque Trinity College campus and go see the Book of Kells, a famous illustrated Bible from 800 A.D.Make sure to spend time in Temple Bar, the cultural hub of Dublin. Sit in a café, get some authentic corn beef and cabbage and listen to live Irish folk music. Then buy as many green and Celtic souvenirs as you can carry home!

Must-see attractions: Trinity College Library, Temple Bar, Guinness Factory (for those of legal drinking age) and St. Patrick’s Cathedral

5. Paris

Get to know t a weekend! You can pass your days strolling down the Of course you’ll want to eat your fill of rich French meals and macaroons. And your trip to Paris isn’t complete without going to the top level of the Eiffel Tower at night. Rumor has it, if you go to the top, you will return to Paris.

Must-see attractions: Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Versailles (not technically in Paris, but well worth the 30 minute trip), Champs-Élysées and the Arc de Triomphe

6. Venice

You’ve seen enough movie scenes with romantic orchestra music and gondolas in charming Venice. Now’s your chance to make it a reality. The city, made up of 118 islands, was at its height during the Renaissance, so if you don’t notice the architecture or go to a few art museums, you’re missing out.  St. Mark’s Basilica is where the famous gold horse statues live and is one of the main gathering places in the city. Venice is a good alternative to Rome if you’re looking for more of the Italian culture and fewer tourists. Be sure to eat your way through the Rialto Market and walk along the Bridge.

Must-see attractions: Grand Canal, St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, Rialto Market, Torre dell’Orologio and Campanile

7. Vienna

Get lost in the stunning and intricate architecture of Vienna, the capital of Austria. Marvel at the Imperial Palace and follow it by touring the grand State Opera House. And if you’re feeling glamorous, go see an opera or symphony for yourself. Love zoos? Get a little more up close and personal with the animals at the Vienna Zoo, known for being the world’s oldest zoo. The animals aren’t as hidden behind concrete and glass as they are in the U.S. Be sure to take a half hour of your day to grab some dessert at Café Sacher and sit in a coffee house with a newspaper – you’ll fit right in with the locals.

Must-see attractions: Imperial Palace, State Opera House, Vienna Zoo, Café Sacher and Kunsthistorisches Museum

Take as many pictures as you can! But keep a journal handy to recount your fun-filled days on paper. To see some of our journals, check out After all, you’ll want to remember every moment in vivid detail. Safe travels!


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